Starlab joins the RIS3CAT|NextHealth community though the Innobrain project

Science is advancing in Catalunya, which is reflected through the creation of RIS3CAT communities. These communities arise from a new EU-funding program (ERDF), a fund that aims to develop R&D projects and support the association between diversified entities for the advancement of the society.


Our community, called NextHealth, encloses a group of entities that work on multidisciplinary solutions for upcoming health challenges, coordinated by Biocat. The NextHealth community aims to resolve health challenges through the financing of 5 projects, each of them implicating a tight collaboration between hospitals, public research institutions and companies. This partnership between diverse entities connects the bench to the hospital, aiming to directly integrate R&D advancements into the Catalan health system. Projects within the NE community are highly innovative both economically and socially; aiming to solve specific health challenges and the Catalan health system, to strengthen collaboration and competitiveness of participating entities, and to identify and boost new commercialization opportunities in the health domain.

The Ris3cat|Nexthealth community after the 1st General Meeting at the University of Barcelona, Faculty of Medicine (copyright: Biocat).

Innobrain aims to provide new technologies for innovation in rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation through the consolidation of the NeuroPersonal Trainer platform, developed by the Guttmann Institute. To this date, the platform provides a framework for cognitive rehabilitation and stimulation for people with cognitive deterioration or cognitive deficits, appearing either as a result of a neurological disease, dementia, psychiatric conditions or developmental disorder. This tool aims to improve the health care of these populations at risk by personalizing cognitive training protocols as defined by professional experts in neuropsychological assessment.

With our passion in cognition and cognitive rehabilitation, Starlab joins the Guttmann Institute with the goal of contributing to increase the efficacy and efficiency of the cognitive rehabilitation strategies. We are providing our strength: the in-house knowledge on electrophysiological monitoring technologies as a physiological marker of neurological disease, dementia, psychiatric cognition or developmental disorders, along with an enthusiastic fascination towards cognitive processes.

With 3 years of collaboration ahead of us, we will work together on identifying those physiological changes associated to cognitive enhancement, exploring with advanced machine learning those markers that are able to follow up cognitive improvement or decay. We will keep you posted and for now, we start sharing our enthusiasm about this promising strategy and scientific community.

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