Enobio Dx Press Release

Enobio Dx: Elevating Clinical Insights with FDA-Cleared Precision EEG Monitoring 

  • Neuroelectrics Launches Enobio Dx: the cutting-edge EEG technology granted 510(k) clearance by the FDA, poised to revolutionize clinical diagnostics.

Boston, October 17, 2023 — Neuroelectrics is proud to announce the FDA-Cleared of Enobio Dx, their state-of-the-art wireless EEG system. This milestone achievement underscores their unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare technology and revolutionizing the field of brain activity monitoring. Enobio Dx has received the esteemed 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), positioning it as a pioneering solution for precise and reliable diagnostic insights in clinical and medical settings. This achievement highlights the exceptional quality and reliability of Enobio Dx, making it a game-changer in the field of medical diagnostics.

A Milestone Achieved: market launch of FDA-Cleared Enobio Dx

Enobio Dx proudly holds FDA 510(k) clearance, a testament to its unwavering commitment to the highest medical standards. This clearance underscores the device’s reliability, safety, and effectiveness, firmly establishing it as a trusted diagnostic tool for clinicians. By integrating this advanced EEG monitoring system into clinical workflows, healthcare professionals can enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient outcomes, aligning their practice with the highest standards of medical excellence.

“The launch of Enobio Dx marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of EEG monitoring. Achieving 510(k) clearance underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the rigorous standards of the medical community” stated Ana Maiques, CEO & Co-Founder at Neuroelectrics. “Enobio Dx empowers clinicians with advanced tools to unlock valuable insights from brain activity, ultimately enhancing patient care. We are excited to witness the impact of this groundbreaking technology on diagnostics and patient outcomes.”

The Power of Enobio Dx FDA-Cleared

With 8, 20, and 32 channels, this wireless EEG system captures brain electrical activity in extraordinary detail, providing clinicians with an exceptional view of neural dynamics. The system’s high dynamic resolution and sampling rate ensure that even the subtlest brain signals are captured, enabling healthcare professionals to perform accurate diagnoses and informed decision-making.

  • Precise EEG: Enobio Dx stands as a paragon of precision in its class. With high dynamic resolution and sampling rate, it provides a remarkable level of accuracy, ensuring that no neural nuance goes unnoticed.
  • Easy set-up: In a matter of minutes, Enobio Dx enables hassle-free EEG recording with up to 32 channels. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and minimizes setup time, optimizing clinical workflows.
  • Wireless Transmission: By converting analog EEG signals into digital data and transmitting them wirelessly via WiFi, Enobio Dx facilitates real-time analysis. This instantaneous data transmission is invaluable for critical cases requiring swift interventions.
  • Designated Software: Accompanied by intuitive software, Enobio Dx enables comprehensive signal analysis, ensuring actionable insights.
  • Diagnostics Aid: Tailored for clinical patient monitoring in hospitals and medical settings, Enobio Dx serves as a valuable tool for accurate diagnosis

Join the ranks of leading healthcare professionals who are transforming patient care with Enobio Dx. Our FDA-cleared wireless EEG system is renowned for its accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in clinical diagnostics. Elevate your practice and harness the power of Enobio Dx to make more informed decisions for your patients.

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