ENAKD: Decoding Human Emotions

In an era where technology continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible, decoding human emotions remains a captivating challenge. The pioneering ENAKD project demonstrates how EEG technology could bridge the gap between neural activity and artistic expression. This year, we are excited to return to Sónar+D, ready to push this frontier even further!

Introducing the ENAKD Project

The ENAKD project, short for Emotionally, Electronically Naked, is a groundbreaking collaboration between Neuroelectrics and Starlab. Central to this project is our Enobio system, which records EEG data to measure two key emotional parameters: Valence and Arousal. Valence ranges from pleasure to displeasure, while Arousal measures the level of alertness. These parameters are mapped into an emotion tag using the emotion circumplex model, providing a precise understanding of an individual’s emotional state.

Enobio’s wireless EEG system enables real-time analysis and interpretation. The ExperienceLab processes this data, categorizing emotions. The resulting emotional tags are then used to, with the help of AI, generate corresponding images and haikus. This process occurs within seconds, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

The Science Behind ENAKD

At its core, the ENAKD project uses advanced EEG technology to translate neural signals into emotional data. Our Enobio device captures the brain’s electrical activity. This raw EEG data is then analyzed to identify patterns that correspond to different emotional states.

Valence and Arousal are crucial components in this analysis. Valence reflects the range of emotions from positive to negative, while Arousal indicates the intensity of these emotions. By mapping these parameters onto the emotion circumplex, we can derive a detailed emotional profile of the user. This comprehensive understanding of emotional states is invaluable for researchers studying the brain’s response to various stimuli.

From Data to Artistic Expression

Once the emotional parameters are established, the ExperienceLab converts this data into art. Algorithms categorize the emotions and generate emotional tags, which AI then interprets to produce images and haikus that reflect the user’s emotional state.

This combination of neuroscience and AI not only demonstrates the potential of EEG technology but also provides a unique medium for self-expression. Users can see and read their emotions as translated by advanced neural and artificial intelligence technologies, offering a new way to understand their emotional responses.

ENAKD at Sónar+D

Sónar+D, held annually in Barcelona, is a festival celebrating the intersection of music, creativity, and technology. Last year, we showcased the ENAKD project, allowing visitors to see their brain activity transformed into visual art and poetry. The enthusiastic response underscored the potential of merging neuroscience with AI and artistic expression.

Building on last year’s success, we are excited to return to Sónar+D in 2024. This year, we are collaborating with artists Teo Ruffini and Nina Emocional to introduce new experiences. We invite you to experience ENAKD at Sónar+D 2024 and delve into your emotions.


At Neuroelectrics, we are thrilled to see our technologies being used in fascinating environments of artistic expression. Learn more about our Enobio EEG system, and how it’s helping advance our understanding of the human brain.