The NG Pistim electrode is a unique electrode that can be used for EEG monitoring and/or for transcranial current stimulation (tCS). The NG Pistim is an Ag/AgCl, electrode with an 1 cm radius, that is based on the Next Generation (NG) assembling system. With its π cm² contact area, Pistim is ideal for multi-electrode stimulation protocols. In addition, due to its hybrid function, Pistim is optimal for experiments that combine tCS with EEG.

Technical Specifications

Materials and geometry:
Pellet: 12-mm Ag/AgCl sintered
Contact area: π cm² (circular)
Assembling: next generation
Stimulation (tCS):
Stimulation (tCS): tDCS, tACS, tRNS
Durability: 10h of tCS
Contact liquid: conductive gel
EEG monitoring: yes
MRI compatible: no
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