The Sponstim electrodes are sponge-based electrodes suitable for any type of transcranial current stimulation (tCS), including tDCS, tACS and tRNS, with Neuroelectrics® Starstim. It is available in three different models that vary in shape (circular or rectangular) and/or in area (25, 8, 5x7 cm²). The circular model with 25 cm² and the rectangular model with 35 cm² provide a comfortable and reliable contact, which is ideal for bipolar (anodal or cathodal) experiments. The smallest Sponstim model, with a circular area of 8 cm², is the optimal solution for multi-electrode tCS. All models must be used with saline solution. Sponstim is not intended for EEG recording.

SPONSTIM: Instructions

Technical Specifications

Cover: sponge
Core: carbon rubber
Metallic pin: nickel platted bras
Shape: circular or rectangular
Contact area: 25 cm² or 8 cm² (circular), 5x7 cm² (rectangular)
Stimulation (tCS):
Stimulation (tCS): tDCS, tACS, tRNS
Durability: 100h of tCS
Contact liquid: saline solution
EEG monitoring: no
MRI compatible: no
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