The Neuroelectrics Instrument Controller (NIC) is a universal software solution that gives you full control of both Starstim and Enobio devices. NIC provides a user-friendly interface packed full of features. With NIC you can manage recordings, launch recording sessions and stream data over the network, receiver network triggers, visualize EEG features online (including raw or filtered data and spectral power scalp maps), configure and launch advanced multi-electrode stimulation protocols, visualize electric fields in cortical space and interact with the NUBE cloud system. NIC is both Windows and Mac compatible. NIC software is bundled with our devices.

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Visualization and recording of 8, 20 or 32 EEG channels and triaxial accelerometer data
Real-time filtering and visualization of data using standard or user-defined EEG bands
Line noise filtering at 50 or 60 Hz
EEG time-frequency analysis
Real-time PSD plots using configurable temporal windows
Real-time Spectrogram visualization
Power bar band or power ratio representation
Scalp map for the spatial power distribution or selected features
Stimulation (Starstim only)
Configuration of multi-electrode stimulation protocols including tDCS, tACS and tRNS
Configuration of currents as linear superposition of DC, AC and RN currents
Combination with Pre, during or post stimulation EEG recording
Sham mode stimulation
Blind mode for double blind clinical studies
Easy to use interface in basic stimulation operation mode
Advanced stimulation interface for sophisticated multi-electrode protocols
Band filtered tRNS stimulation currents
Brain models and electric field simulation (Starstim only)
NIC includes realistic brain FEM modeling tools to simulate electric field distribution for the configured stimulation protocol, with visualization tools for time-varying stimulation (e.g., tACS or tRNS)
Simulation of the electric field in the white or grey matter interfaces
Display of the potential, electric field magnitude and electrics field components (tangential or orthogonal to cortical surface)
Single and double hemisphere views with medial cortex visualization
Electric field value visualization for chosen AAL cortical regions
Interacting with other systems
Event synchronization with 2ms jitter by means of the LSL protocol
Raw EEG and triaxial accelerometry data streaming via TCP/IP or LSL
Raw data file recording as ASCII plain text file, EDF or NEDF formats
Fully compatible with MatNIC, a set of Matlab functions that allows the user to interact with NIC and, in turn, with the device that is connected to it (Starstim or Enobio class). MatNIC provides control of the main functions of NIC, namely, (1) streaming of EEG data and (2) management of neurostimulation. This gives the user full remote, programmatic control over NE devices such as Enobio or Starstim from a Matlab environment.
In the Cloud
NIC has been designed to use with our NUBE cloud system for home use research or experiment management

Technical Specifications

NIC can manage all our systems and data streams and is multi-platform:
8, 20 and 32 channel EEG and triaxial accelerometry recording and data management
Real time data analysis (spectral features, scalp maps, spectrogram)
Holter mode for SD card management
Stimulation protocol definition (basic and advanced)
Fast electric field visualization (Starstim use only)
Advanced features for clinical studies (blind mode, Sham with Starstim)
NUBE interaction through the internet
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X
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