The Neuroelectrics portal is an online area created for our customers. It serves as a secure entry point to cloud services we offer on top of our devices. Contact us to receive institutional access to the Neuroelectrics portal, especially if you plan to conduct a home study with Starstim tCS® Home 5G devices.


Home Study Manager
Definition of anonymized study subjects.
Import of Starstim protocols created in NIC2.
Home treatment sessions scheduling, pre-planned or ad hoc, with precision down to an hour.
Assignment of Starstim tCS® Home 5G device to study subject triggers automatic synchronization of that subject’s treatment.
Real-time home treatments compliance monitoring.
Detailed information on the course of home treatment sessions, including incidents and acute event reports.
Home interface personalization.

Technical Specifications

Browser support All modern desktop web browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

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